Mother’s Day Best Gift Idea, Part 2

Mother’s day is fast approaching, May 9th, and here is part 2 of gift idea suggestions for your mom, or all the women in your life that take up the role of mom. We all have that special person in our lives.

Mother’s Day’s best gift idea, part 1, I shared the personal pampering that moms would love to receive. Fragrance, makeup, and pampering of their body. Click HERE to check out the post.

Here is want to share with all of you the other gifts, that are as welcome. Something that we as a family can all enjoy, but as a mom, we love to showcase.

A little something special for the garden, the living room, or her office, have fun shopping.

For the working space

We all want an uncluttered desk to work on, however a little orchid always brings a smile to everyone. I personally love the floating shelfs. Easy to display her favorite items, and yet leaving the desk area clean.

Garden, home, kitchen, for any indoor or outdoor entertaining.

A soft cashmere blanket that your mom can wrap herself in and enjoy reading her favorite book.

Gifts for the house like the trendy new cutting boards, are always a welcome gift. Easy to take care and always so much fun to display.

And something very personal, that only mom gets to enjoy.

A pretty robe is a perfect gift for any mom. Every mom no matter what age enjoys to relax and pamper herself. A beautiful soft robe will make her feel good after a long day.

Happy shopping!



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