12 Weeks To Christmas, But Who Is Counting

12 weeks to Christmas, but who is counting. I am! So much on my plate and I hope I can get it all done.

To start off with, I am working on new Fall recipes for Giangi’s Kitchen, my cooking blog. Pumpkin is on my mind with lots of baking. The sweet tooth in me loves this time of year.   Thanksgiving recipes and menu planning. I have made the same, safe, recipes for years, and I am so ready to experiment outside the box. I hope my family will go along.

12 Weeks To Christmas, But Who Is Counting

But the most exciting and scary at the same time, is the beginning of my cooking classes. Starting in a couple of weeks I will teach others how much fun they can have in the kitchen and how easy it is to have a fantastic meal on the table for their family. Putting the last detail in place and will send out a shout out once all done. I will offer four type of classes to start off with.

I am thrilled about the classes. New knifes, boards, tasting spoons and aprons are all ready to be used. Testing and retesting recipes to perfect them has been a lot of fun too. My family loves it as they are all their favorites.

But then there is all the house planning and decorations. I love to set up the house for Fall. Incorporating Halloween with Thanksgiving can be challenging and so much fun. My son loves Halloween and he cannot wait for October 1st the be here to start pestering me on how, when all the boxes are coming out and decoration going up.

Thanksgiving is the time of year that we love and go all out on our cooking. But in the scheme of things it is a blur. Fall decorations away, Christmas decoration out.

Christmas is huge in our house. Christmas trees in every rooms. Don’t ask how that happened, but it did and now we look forward to see each tree, each one with a different theme, up and sparkling bright shining thru the rooms.

Baking is the most. I feel as I become a baker and each week a couple of dozen of cookies are put out and gone at speed of light. Fun, fun!! I love every minute of it.

Each year I promise myself to take it all in and enjoy the season, and each year it goes by so fast. Why? Are we becoming so busy with everything around us that we do not have time anymore to slow down and enjoy it?   What can I do to slow down time?

I have 12 weeks before Christmas is here and I am ready to the challenge to slow down, take it in and enjoy it. The question remains, would I be able to do it all?





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