The Narcissistic Realm Of The Sisterhood

The narcissist realm of the sisterhood. Sisterhood is all that some women can talk about it. Sisterhood this, that… and yet when you need them they are nowhere to be found.

I am not melodramatic and nothing happened in my inner circle to be so cynical or down. However, I have seen it so much around me that it is funny and sad all at once.

Women are a funny breed. We are a combination of happy and sad. Outgoing and completely lost. Friendly and a knife thrower in the same persona. The best response to some of those attributes is always the same:


Hormones may have something to do, but it goes deeper than that.

We are raised to be tough and strong and invincible in a man’s world. And yet at the same time, we must be sensual, feminine, and tender. The two are so polar opposite that confusion set in even before we have the chance to discover who we really are.

I have a fantastic group of friends and this does not pertain to them, so no hate mail, please.

I am referring to the women who are friends with you to feel good and can use you to define their own life purpose. The shallow love that is an inch deep and a mile wide.


The one in your life every minute of the day. And when you are in need or your life changes, all of a sudden they are no longer on your radar. Nowhere near, and next thing you know, the knife is in your back.

Or the one that is only friend so she can get into your circle and as soon as she got what she wanted she will start turning on you.

Better yet, you are honest with them after hearing months upon months of their litanies of complaints and express your own feelings and concerns, and bam! the monster comes out.

The worse kind is the one that dismisses you. You know the kind. The one that all of the sudden becomes taciturn and put-off. Not because of what you have done or said. Because in their little narcissist mind they now have the great opportunity to play the narcissistic victim. And boy do they know how to play the game.

They suffer well and walking around them is like walking on eggshells. Pouting and sad and desperately aiming at you asking for what is wrong.

Do not fall for the narcissistic trap

Sick quite frankly, but I have experienced so many of them in my life, to last me three lifetimes to come. Narcissistic peoples are never easy to please. However, once you start asking them what is wrong, you just opened the pandora box. Run for cover as you will not see daylight soon.

Charming and charismatic, they hide their personal traits well. Everyone loves them and their charm which at the end would put a cloud of doubt about you. Meanwhile, in the closesness of your friendship, they have a way to make you feel inferior, or less adequate.

After all, how dare you confront them or stand up to them? Don’t you know what you did wrong?

So, ladies, be honest, open, a real sister, and come from the heart and nowhere else. Be kind and loving with your girlfriends as you would to your child.

And for the love of God, leave the knives at home. You are dealing with fire and you will be burned. Remember what goes around comes around and before you know it, the game is over and you will be left out in the cold.


The Narcissistic Realm Of The Sisterhood

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  1. Way to let it out, my dear sister! I love it. Yup, follow your heart. Trust your intuition and you’ll know when someone’s trying to fake it to make it. Like they say. Don’t waist my time “Why Am I Still Talking”! Lol

    1. Thank you Kay. You are the gem, the true sister that has a heart of gold.
      Sometimes you see them coming and some are pretty good that it will take a bit, or maybe I want to give them all the penny of the doubt.
      Love you xoxo

  2. Hi, I really liked this article. I see a lot of times where friends are friends with people, just because of their financial background, or their ability to have everything in society. It’s sad really. I wish we didn’t have this drive to “keep up with the Jones”. As women, I believe it’s important we all try to empower each other, without knocking each other down.

    1. Absolutely! We as women need to be each other support group, not the other way around. Keeping up with the Jones will not last forever, but love and support and a good strong base will always be there.
      Thank you for reading and sharing.

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