Immigration Is A Privilege Not A Right

Immigration is a privilege, not a right. I do not want to be controversial or stirring the pot, the below are my feelings, questions, and opinions. Please read this with an open mind.

It is appalling how everyone wants everyone to come into this country and do not see the consequences it presents but steadily spitting on the faces of millions that have gone and are going through the fair and legal process to become a USA legal immigrant.

The process that applies to everyone, with no exceptions, can be lengthy in some instances. Mostly due to the number of applications presented to our embassies worldwide and the low number of personnel to process them. Also, it depends on which country you want to migrate from.

The US immigration visa application itself is lengthy; however, very self-explanatory. Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary. Once you have presented all the necessary documentation, the waiting game begins.

When I went through my process, I had to wait six months for a criminal report. Once that document came back, and all was clear, I went to an American doctor appointed by the embassy for a full complete exam.

An in-depth medical exam indeed. All STD testing, blood work, x-ray to make sure I did not have tuberculosis. Pregnancy and pap smear too. The results went directly upon completion to the embassy and not to me.

As soon as my interview was over and my immigration status was approved, visa issued, I had a short amount of time to come back to the United States.

Did I mind? Not at all. I was following the law and due process as millions did before me and have since then.

At the turn of the 20th century, the United States was built with immigrants

from Ireland, Germany, Poland, Italy, and a few more European countries. My grandparents had siblings that migrated here in the early 1900s and worked hard to make it.

Everyone worked hard to create a new life here. Adapted to new life patterns, never took for granted, or demanded anything for free.

I heard uncles and aunts that took with them their sibling’s children as the parents could not care for them. The family nucleus may have been a bit different, but it was still family. This is something that you do not see now.

Once those same immigrants were established and financially able to, they started the process for their family members to join them. Spouses, children, parents, they all had to wait. In some cases, it took up to four to five years. The financial responsibility for their family member was on both parties.


Now, everyone demands to be let in for free. I am not dismissing that there is poverty and my heart aches for families and children that have to live under those strenuous circumstances.

Corrupt governments, politicians have destroyed countries in South America and left their inhabitants in complete poverty. Venezuela is one of them. Countries with the same political agendas that have never worked, and history shows it, but with a very obstinate and forceful hand, are pushing forward more and more of the same.

But how is it that all those illegal immigrants come from an impoverished country, yet they all have clean new shoes that presumably have walked with thousands of miles? Or wearing flip-flops, which you all know what happens to our feet if you walk with for hours. Clean clothes, tee shirts with the new president printed on them, and a brand-new cell phone. Who is gifting those phones to them?

In so many instances, people are well-coached on immigration, taking advantage of our social system, and having full access to taxpayers’ benefits.

The new cell phone gets to me.

How could they afford that? Who is paying the phone bill? We all know how expensive the phones are and the cost of calling? Or roaming fees. Who is paying for it? And who are they calling? Who is instructing them on how and what to say?

And there is more

What is especially relevant here is a spending budget of 89 million US Dollars is allocated to lodge border crossing immigrants while they are here illegally.

We are erecting, as fast as we can, tents to lodge everyone. We are capable of giving them hotel rooms, food, and money too. Hence, my question is:

WHY are we not doing the same for our homeless?

Many cities all over the US are seeing a huge increased number of homeless; why do we not use that money, taxpayer money, for them? Aren’t they good enough? Do they not matter?

Why can our veterans have the same treatment? They have put their lives in danger to keep us safe and be free, is this the way we repay them?

To put some salt in the open wound, none of those illegally crossing are tested for covid or any other diseases as it is required by our immigration laws. After all, only we had to make paradigm shifts in our lives and use millions of precautions since last year, cannot go out without a mask, travel without testing, and the list can go on and on.

Most noteworthy, now, San Diego teachers are instructed to teach in-person to all the young non accompanied children. Yet our own children are stuck at home learning virtually. Is that fair to you?

And why do we have so many unaccompanied minors? During the last month of March, the government announced that close to 18,000 minors crossed the border alone. What is to happen to them?

More and more children are coming with complete strangers as well as abandoned at the border. I am sure everyone has seen this video of the 3 and 5-year-old children thrown over the wall and abandoned.

So many conflicting messages are issued, but at the end of the day: where are their parents? Who is taking those children? What is to become of them?

As the whole world knows that coming thru our southern borders gives you a quick and easy entry to our country, are we paying attention to who is entering our soil? Terrorist, rapist, gang members as well as drugs being smuggled in.

We all have empathy for mankind. However, shouldn’t that start at home first?

We have so many homeless in need of a roof over their heads as well as medical assistance. Who is supposed to take care of them? Homelessness is a huge issue that we are facing, may it be a veteran, mental issue, drugs, losing your home, etc, the issue is there and somehow we are brushing it under the rug and divert our attention.

Do you think it is fair that we let our own people suffer?

Immigration is not an open door that you can use as you wish. Since its conception, rules and regulations have been created to ensure that the process is smooth.

Millions have respected them. Millions of people are still waiting to get their green card while in their own country and with respect to our immigration laws.

Anyone that wishes to come in should do the same.



Immigration is a privilege, not a right.

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